2017 Annual Elections Results

VSECU’s 70th Annual Meeting was held on March 12, 2017 in Montpelier.

We want to thank all of our members who helped build a stronger, values-based, financial movement by participating in this year’s Annual Elections. The ballots have been tallied and the results for the Board of Director elections, We Care 2 giving program distributions, and proposed Bylaw changes are listed below:

Board of Director Elections

Candidate Name Votes Elected
Kimberly Cheney 3,502 Elected
Ben Doyle 2,729
Jay Mitiguy 1,279
Heather Neuwirth 3,123 Elected
Spencer Newman 2,362
James Pepper 1,343
Andrew Stickney 3,118 Elected
Heather Wright 3,087 Elected

Proposed Bylaw Changes:

Voters approved the proposed Bylaw changes. View the Bylaw changes here.

In Favor of Bylaw Amendments Votes Approved/Denied
Yes – Approved 4,838 Approved
No – Denied 431

We Care 2 Charities

Charity Name Votes Award
Champlain Housing Trust 481 $2,417.09
Chittenden Community Action, a program of CVOEO 590 $2,964.82
COVER Home Repair 2,001 $10,055.28
Groundworks Collaborative 505 $2,537.69
Vermont Foundation of Recovery 1,000 $5,025.13