2018 Annual Elections—Vote by March 21

Voting has closed. Please click the link below for the results of this year’s annual election.

Members who are unable to attend the Annual Meeting in-person are invited to watch via our live video stream. You will not be able to be seen or heard if watching. However, you can participate during the designated times by using the chat feature. Please note that this feature is only available to those who download the app. (Option A below.)

When you click the Watch Live Stream link below you will be given two options:

Option A. Download the free Zoom app so you can watch and listen to the live video AND participate via Zoom chat.
1. Click on the link below
2. It will say it is Launching. Below that click on words “download & run Zoom.”
3. Click on the Zoom_launcher.exe at the bottom of your web browser window
4. Click Run
5. Join using computer audio (we will actually have you muted so this won’t apply.)
6. To chat: There will be designated opportunities to contribute a question or comment. Please use the chat function at the bottom of the Zoom window in the black menu bar. Our VSECU meeting moderator will be the only one with access to comments in chat and will read them aloud at the appropriate time.

Option B. Use the Zoom website to watch and listen to the live video.
1. Click on the link below
2. It will say it is Launching. At the bottom of the white box click “join from your browser.”
3. Type your name in the box and hit blue button “Join”.
4. You will be able to see and hear the meeting and do not need to add audio since we are muting all off-site participants.

Watch Live Stream Video of Annual Meeting


The Nominating Committee reviewed and selected seven (7) candidates for nomination to fill five (5) vacancies on the VSECU Board of Directors. Of the five (5) vacancies, four (4) are for three-year terms and one (1) is a for a two-year term. The three-year positions will be filled first by candidates receiving the greatest number of votes. The two-year position will be filled by the candidate who receives the fifth-greatest number of votes.

When ballots mail in late January, take the opportunity to vote for the candidates you feel will best represent the VSECU membership and help guide VSECU in positively impacting the lives of Vermonters.

To read candidate statements and review comments made by community members, click on a candidate below.



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Laperle portrait web



Spencer newman portrait web



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Trepanier portrait web




We Care 2 is a member-directed giving program where you, the member, determine the distribution of funds. The VSECU Giving Committee has chosen five finalists, from 37 applying organizations, that positively impact one or more of the essential needs of Vermonters. Now it’s your turn. When ballots mail in late January, take the chance to vote for the organization that you believe is the most deserving of a donation. Funds will be distributed based on the percentage of votes each charity receives, so your vote counts!

To learn more about each of the charities and to review comments made by community members, click on a charity below.