Ben Doyle | Montpelier

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Ben Doyle is the director of community and economic development for USDA Rural Development. In that capacity, he works across Vermont and New Hampshire to increase the economic vitality and quality of life in rural communities through strategic public investment in the areas of housing, infrastructure, and business development. In 2017, Rural Development invested over $400,000,000 in Vermont and New Hampshire. Ben is the former chair of the Board of Directors of the Vermont Humanities Council and is currently the president of the Vermont Community Development Association. He has served as a Peace Corps volunteer and administrator and holds an MA from New York University in the humanities and a BA from the University of Vermont in English.

“I believe VSECU is an excellent resource for both its members and their communities. By fostering the cooperative economy and focusing on the needs of its members, VSECU strengthens our economic resiliency as a state and positions our communities as places where businesses, citizens, and families can thrive. As the director of community and economic development for USDA Rural Development, I work closely with partners across Vermont and New Hampshire to enhance the overall impact of RD investments, with the aim of creating stronger communities—something that I hope will serve me well as a VSECU board member. Having grown up in the Northeast Kingdom, my family has a long history with VSECU. It has provided us with a degree of financial flexibility that otherwise would not have been available. I would appreciate the opportunity to help guide such a valued organization and ensure that it remains a responsive and responsible one.”