Janet Hollner | Bennington

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Janet Hollner is the corporate accountant for Southwestern Vermont Health Care in Bennington. In that role, she tracks and helps to steward the donations and grants received by the health system, ensuring that the funds are used for their intended purposes. As part of the Finance team at SVHC since 1996, Janet has worked with her colleagues to accomplish successful financial audits for many years running. Janet served on the Board of PMH Credit Union and was Board chair during the search for a merger partner and through the process of merging with VSECU in 2014. She is currently a member of the VSECU Board of Directors. As a part-time, non-traditional student, while working and raising two children, Janet earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Southern Vermont College.

“VSECU is an organization that has committed itself to making a difference in the lives of our members and our staff. I appreciate VSECU’s focus on always putting our members and staff first, from working with members to resolve challenging credit issues to empowering staff to make their voices heard. VSECU demonstrates our commitment to protecting and improving the environment with our VGreen loan program and our promotion of and participation in solar energy. I admire our values, and I’m honored to be a part of charting our actions. My strong financial background enables me to analyze and seek clarification of financial information that is presented to the Board. I am always willing to ask questions, which I believe leads to better understanding of the issues for all of us. I think it’s important that all parts of our membership are represented on the Board, and I am able to represent members in the southwestern part of the state. I have found my time on the VSECU Board to be very interesting and rewarding, and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve. "