Janet Spitler | Shelburne

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Janet Spitler is the CFO at Housing Vermont, a nonprofit organization that supports investment in the economic, environmental, and social well-being of Vermont communities by creating permanently affordable housing and financing key community developments in downtown and village centers. Prior to joining the staff at Housing Vermont she was the CFO at Merchants Bank for 17 years. Her 20-plus years of experience in executive leadership positions, as well as her experience with nonprofit boards, make her a strong candidate for the Board of VSECU. She holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Syracuse University and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from William Smith College.

“I am interested in joining the Board at VSECU because I see this as a unique opportunity to put my extensive banking knowledge to work while at the same time achieving my personal goal of making sustainable, positive impacts at the individual and community level. My many years in the banking industry have given me vast experience in banking regulations and compliance, IT security and technology, and staff development. I support VSECU’s mission to empower Vermont communities to achieve greater prosperity and their commitment to values-based banking and the triple bottom line. I think the banking industry, and credit unions in particular, are in a position to make a meaningful difference by making investments in enterprises that create positive and sustainable social, economic, and environmental impacts that favorably impact the lives of Vermonters.”