Judy P. Rosenstreich | Burlington

Judy bod

Judy Rosenstreich has lived and worked in Vermont since graduating from the University of Connecticut. A member of VSECU throughout her career in public policy, Judy is a former legislator, nonprofit executive, community leader, and experienced board member. She has been an active, engaged member of the VSECU Board of Directors since 2006 where her deep knowledge of Vermont enables her to effectively advocate for members and keep a watchful eye on the financial health of the credit union. Most significant is her work on the Executive Search Committee, which resulted in the hiring of CEO Rob Miller, who has led the transformation of VSECU from a great credit union to a values-based driven organization for everybody who lives or works in Vermont.

“It has been an honor and privilege to serve all of you throughout Vermont, helping to provide values-based banking consistent with our social mission—helping people—and our environmental mission—planning for the future. I take pride in VSECU—our wonderful staff, collaborative leaders, and my fellow board members. We strive to enhance the individual financial well-being of our members. We are a member-centric organization that creates programs designed to meet the ever-changing needs of individuals and families such as mobile banking, energy efficient loans, home heating fuel savings, community giving, capital financing, secure credit cards, financial planning, and the convenience of branches from Bennington to St. Johnsbury and points in between. If I am again elected in 2018, I will continue to fulfill my responsibilities with purpose, vision, and due diligence, and ensure that VSECU stays focused on our innovative path in today’s climate economy. It is important for a member-owned, member-run cooperative like VSECU to have robust deliberations that reflect the perspectives of a diverse membership. I will continue to bring thoughtful input to all that we do as staff and board work together to meet today’s challenges. I would appreciate your vote!”