Michelle L. Laperle | Graniteville

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Michelle LaPerle is currently a member of the VSECU Board of Directors, committing her time to be an effective and knowledgeable Board member. Michelle has been a State of Vermont employee in several positions for over 20 years, with several years spent improving services provided to Vermonters through State programs. While raising her children and working full-time, she obtained an associate degree in human services through the CCV. Michelle enrolled in the inaugural Emerge Vermont training to expand her knowledge of the political arena in Vermont. She sees a future in working for the causes and needs of Vermonters outside of her daily job. Michelle supports other community organizations, while raising a family, being a supportive spouse, working full-time, and being a member of the Board.

“Generations of my family were born and raised here in central Vermont. Currently I’m employed at the Vermont Public Service Department, where I was employed when I was elected to be a VSECU Board member in 2015. The VSECU mission is well aligned with my personal values. I have been a member of VSECU since graduating high school, and I’ve seen the growth in the organization over time. Our first home mortgage was with VSECU and my first car loan as a young mom was made possible by VSECU. I take pride in serving on the Giving Committee, my goal being to see how these contributions align with VSECU’s mission and to maximize their effect, making sure we are providing the biggest impact by who we award these contributions. Being a Board member has enhanced my ability to make a difference for my fellow Vermonters. I am an active Board member in the community, not just the Board room, taking time to attend events/gatherings where I am able to see VSECU actively engaged in our community. I take advantage of opportunities to participate in community events where I can watch VSECU making a difference in lives of Vermonters. "