James Larsen | East Randolph

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James is director of finance and administration at LEDdynamics Inc., a growing and vibrant clean manufacturer in central Vermont. With considerable collective effort, from conception to completion over a two-year period, a newly built facility that’s positioned to provide meaningful new jobs to central Vermonters was completed this year. He serves as secretary for the company. James earned a BA from Carleton College, and an MBA from the Simon School at the University of Rochester.

“As a VSECU member for 19 years, I’ve had the opportunity to see it evolve into a state credit union that’s growing and providing services to more and more Vermonters every year. VSECU’s commitment to sustainability, the environment, and community involvement is the right kind of approach, and I believe I can meaningfully contribute as a member of the Board. I’d like to see greater membership in Orange and Windsor Counties. Changing economic, political, and technological environments are likely to be challenges over the next three years, which underscores the need for adaptability and accountability provided by the Board members. The local labor market is of concern. Population is aging, young talent tends toward migration elsewhere, we need to devise incentives and job creation to keep our talent here in state for local organizations, especially those that are sustainable and responsible. VSECU’s mission of and focus on real assets is the right one: keeping them local. VSECU is associated with the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, so it’s the best of local service and global standards. I can bring to the VSECU Board of Directors input and guidance relating to financial analysis, compliance issues, accountability, and social and business responsibility.”