Stephanie Meunier | Essex

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Stephanie Meunier is a business operations and human resource professional with broad leadership experience in private and public organizations. She currently serves as the director of people services and systems with Champlain College. She cultivates workplace practices that support people where they are to deliver on organizational mission and goals. She leads with careful due diligence and passion to foster financial, social, and physical wellness to prosper at all points in life. Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Vermont.

“With experience working as part of several senior leadership teams, in both state government agencies and private companies, I have a unique skill set that offers a systematic and human centered approach to the more complex conversations and development aspects in organizations. Answers are not always easy. As humans we strive for connection and understanding. It’s about inspiring people to do their best work. I believe in open, transparent, authentic conversations and collaboration as the foundation for creating, building, and maintaining engaged and productive organizations. I am passionate about building relationships and sharing knowledge. I believe this aligns well to the value-based principals VSECU operates on to deliver service, not only to members, but also communities. It would be a privilege to serve on the VSECU Board to leverage this background and be part of helping to navigate a continued path forward with ongoing positive outcomes in our Vermont communities for all residents.”