Julie Lineberger | Wilmington

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Julie Lineberger leads both Wheel Pad L3C, and LineSync Architecture LTD, in southern Vermont. Her focus is social responsibility at all levels, gaining B Corp certification for her businesses. She presents and consults on various aspects of business management regularly. Julie’s previous career in International Development included managing and/or participating in projects for the United Nations Development Program, the International Rescue Committee, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees throughout the world. Hailing originally from California, Julie is bilingual (Spanish), and holds a Bachelor of Communications & Sociology from University of California, San Diego, and a Master of Education from Harvard University.

“Three initial reasons why I want to assist VSECU fulfill its mission: 1) Give Back: VSECU provided a grant to Wheel Pad L3C to assist in building our prototype +Add PAD. Thus, I have experienced the fulfillment of its mission when VSECU successfully assisted our mission to keep families together when mobility issues arise. 2) Serve Vermont in a Different Way: I have worked on various government, community, and business organizations on social responsibility initiatives in Vermont and nationally for 32 years. Supporting and enhancing the VSECU commitment of financial social responsibility is a strong draw. 3) Learn: My experiences have led to a basic understanding of how the financial sector assists, and also sometimes harms, Vermonters. I want to understand the systems more fully to assist Vermonters without much financial equity make their own gains. VSECU members are a unique community. I look forward to being more involved within it.”