The Facilities team keeps in close contact with our co-workers throughout our nine branch locations. We also manage a large pool of contractors and vendors, so our communications skills are in high demand. From one moment to the next, we move from public member-facing spaces, to professional office spaces, and at any moment could be tasked with creating order in a chaotic emergency situation. Therefore, all Facilities employees need to be able to speak articulately and with sensitivity to a wide variety of personalities and environments.

In Facilities, we are problem solvers and servants and we are passionate about energy efficiency and commercial building environments. We work as a team and seek to expand our staff with versatile people who enjoy a high-energy, collaborative atmosphere. We strive to be a friendly and responsive department and the measure of our success is directly proportional to the success of the people we serve— those who serve our members. If you love the building environment and enjoy troubleshooting problems to create a more comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient environment at VSECU, this could be the place for you.