Finance provides support to co-workers on all systems and ensures the accuracy and timeliness of member transactions across every delivery channel. Together we work to streamline processes within the department, with other VSECU departments, and with external vendors. Among other things, our team is responsible for financial reporting, budgeting, board and regulatory reporting, liquidity and investment management, accounts payable, purchasing management, and conducting credit union insurance and vendor due diligence database management. Our team is responsive, capable of adapting quickly to constantly changing situations while solving problems, making confident and concise decisions, and articulating solutions clearly to a general audience.

Compliance and Fraud work together to make sure VSECU and our members are covered. Our Compliance team homes in on the details, following regulatory guidelines and ensuring we are in line with state and federal laws. Fraud keeps tabs on the evolution of fraudulent technology and behavior, prepping our front line employees to identify and eliminate fraud, and ensuring that our members’ accounts are safe and sound. The work of these departments is detail-oriented and our teams are curious and vigilant in their research, analysis, and follow-up, so that the rest of us can sleep easy at night.

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