Information Systems

At VSECU, Information Technology (IT) and Business Solutions work together—IT forms a solid foundation, ensuring that supporting structures like wiring, servers, and networks are in good working order. Business Solutions rests on top of the IT foundation, implementing and maintaining the applications that our users rely on every day to do their job.

Collaboration and mutual respect are vital in IT, where the pace is fast and challenges arise quickly. Technology is an ever-evolving landscape and we seek passionate learners who think creatively but work systematically to find the best solution. IT staff are specialists, working independently to find solutions for personal and team projects. Within the department, we have what you might call a “garage” mentality, spit-balling thoughts and talking freely while problem solving. Once we leave the department behind however, we work professionally with users, communicating complex concepts articulately with those who are not fluent in the language of technology.

Our Business Solutions department is a cohesive team that works closely with other departments and vendors, identifying opportunities to enhance applications and trouble-shooting problems as they arise. In this department, we seek people with an entrepreneurial spirit, who are passionate about their work and take ownership of their projects, digging into the nitty gritty details for a full understanding of how applications interface with each other and with ancillary systems and platforms.

Sound like a team you’d like to join? Then we want to hear from you.