As a community-centered, member-owned, cooperative financial institution, we take a personal approach to lending. We don’t just crunch numbers and follow policy and procedure. We engage with our members and look for solutions that will help them achieve their goals. In our estimation, an application is not just a vehicle for data, but rather the jumping off point for a conversation that helps us understand a member’s needs, history, and capacity to take on debt. We do not sign off on loans that our members can’t afford; we also don’t let them walk out the door without exploring all of the possibilities.

In lending, we seek people who enjoy working with and helping other people. We make many of our loan decisions collaboratively, so each member of our team must be comfortable communicating ideas and engaging in shared problem solving. We see lending as an art that sometimes requires multiple viewpoints to bring about the best result given the member’s circumstances.

Do you enjoy helping people achieve their goals? Then check out our listings below.

Future Openings: Lending

  • Location: Montpelier
  • Pay Type: Non-Exempt

If you’re passionate about working for a Vermont-based, cooperative organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all Vermonters, but didn’t see an opening that matches your area of expertise, don’t quit before you’ve started! Share your qualifications and let us know how you think you could benefit the VSECU team. If you’ve got what it takes to excel in an area we haven’t posted a job for, our recruiters would love to hear from you.