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To inspire a movement that brings people together to empower the possibilities for greater financial, environmental, and social prosperity.


By providing member-focused products and services, we help empower our members’ financial prosperity.


We want to leave the world a better place than we found it by promoting sustainable energy and development.


Cooperation multiplies impact. We’re volunteering in our communities and supporting local cooperatives.

Why we do it:

The short answer? We want to help improve the lives of everyone in Vermont. As CEO Robert Miller puts it, “Our philosophy is to be engaged in a meaningful way with the communities we serve.” Our mission goes beyond providing Vermonters with outstanding financial services, to delivering innovative solutions to complex financial, environmental, and social challenges.

How we do it:

“Impact over activity” is a phrase that resonates in our halls. It is a belief that empowers every VSECU employee to think outside the box, and to maximize the positive impact they have on our members’ lives. We work with our members, community leaders, local business owners, innovators, and others to promote well-being for all.

Membership Eligibility

Everyone who lives or works in Vermont can join our credit union. Even if you don’t live near a branch our online services make it easy to join, open, and manage accounts from anywhere. Every member age 16 and up has voting rights; members under 18 will need a parent or guardian to be on their account as a joint owner. Finally, our Money Mover Switch Kit makes moving your finances to VSECU fast and easy so that you can get started now. When you’re ready, just apply online or visit one of our branch locations to open your account and start your membership today.

Innovation Meets Responsibility: What makes Us different
Innovation Meets Responsibility: What makes Us different

VHeat Fuel Buying Program
Vermont winters get cold—frigid even—VHeat helps keep costs under control by giving members access to better fuel pricing throughout the state.
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We Care 2
We Care 2 is our member directed giving program through which members support local charities by helping choose how we disburse $20,000 annually.
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VGreen Energy Saving Loans
VGreen helps finance projects and purchases to improve energy efficiency. From solar panels to green vehicles, VGreen has “sustainable” covered.
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The Resource Center
The VSECU Resource Center offers eBooks, videos, infographics and articles on a variety of topics from improving your credit score to buying a home.
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Powered by VSECU
Through this unique initiative, we partner with local organizations around the state to stimulate investment, growth, and innovation in Vermont.
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Community Impact Profile
Check out our Community Impact Profile to see exactly how we are working to foster sustainable growth and development in Vermont communities.
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Co-op Capital
We believe strongly in the cooperative model. We created Co-op Capital to support the development of the cooperative economy in Vermont.
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The VSECU Blog promotes financial, social and environmental well-being by giving readers the tools and information to lead a life that reflects their values.
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Green Business Loans
Whether you’re just starting to ‘Go Green’ or are looking for innovative ways to power your whole company, our VBiz team can help make your business more efficient.
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