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At VSECU, members make change, simply by banking.


As a member you gain access to products and services designed to meet your needs and help you succeed.


If you love our planet, you’ll love it here. From Green Loans to a solar array, you’ll help create a brighter future.


Join 63,000 Vermonters in creating social impact and supporting social enterprise simply by banking here.

What’s a Credit Union?

Credit unions are different than banks. They are cooperative financial institutions that adhere to a people-helping-people philosophy. Find out how VSECU stands out in the credit union space as a leader in green energy financing that is dedicated to building stronger local economies and communities.

We do it for you:

Membership gives you outstanding financial products and services. With safe, simple, convenient products and helpful services to save you money, reach your goals, and support your neighbors to do the same. Empowering members to invest in their futures, and in the present, is our measure of success. Because we believe in the power of people.

We do it together:

When you join, you’re powering a movement for cooperative finance. As a member you become an owner, an investor, and a beneficiary of this credit union. Instead of extracting money from our communities, we are reinvesting and recirculating it in the local economy. It’s how we do business, but it’s also what we live and breathe. Because together we’re stronger.

Can I Join?

You can become a member if you:

  • live or work in Vermont
  • are related to a VSECU member
  • are a member of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
  • meet other qualifications outlined in our Bylaws

You can join our cooperative by opening a Share Savings account with a $25 deposit. Once you’re a member, our online services make it easy to open and manage your accounts from anywhere. Every member age 16 and up has voting rights; members under 18 will need a parent or guardian to be on their account as a joint owner. Finally, our Money Mover Switch Kit helps your move to VSECU fast and easy so that you can start benefiting as soon as possible. When you’re ready, just apply online or visit one of our branch locations to open your account and start your membership today.

Innovation Meets Responsibility: What makes Us different
Innovation Meets Responsibility: What makes Us different

VHeat Fuel Buying Program
VHeat gives you discounted heating fuel by pooling your needs with the rest of our member-owners. By working together everyone benefits.
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We Care 2
We Care 2 is our member directed giving program through which members support local charities by helping choose how we disburse $23,000 annually.
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VGreen Energy Saving Loans
VGreen saves money with lower interest rates while financing projects and purchases to improve efficiency and reduce your energy costs.
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The Resource Center
To empower you to reach your goals, we created the VSECU Resource Center which offers a variety of easy and fun information on a variety of topics.
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Powered by VSECU
We partner with local organizations and initiatives around the state to stimulate investment, innovation, and the power of people coming together in Vermont.
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Shared Branching
As a member of the CO-OP Shared Branch Network, we can extend our services to you through more than 5,600 branches nationwide.
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Co-op Capital
Your membership supports this cooperative, and the development of cooperative enterprise in your community. Co-op Capital invests in the start-up and growth of co-ops to build the cooperative economy.
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The VSECU Blog provides you tools and information on financial, social and environmental well-being so you can lead a life that reflects your values.
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Green Business Loans
Whether you’re just starting to ‘Go Green’ or are looking for innovative ways to power your whole company, our VBiz team can help make your business more efficient.
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