Leadership Team


The Executive Team works with our Board of Directors to ensure the direction of daily operations is in alignment with our overall corporate initiatives and goals.


VSECU is governed by a volunteer board composed of members, who serve a three-year term and meet monthly with the CEO and Executive Team.


Our Supervisory Committee consists of three members who meet quarterly with a responsibility of overseeing annual audits and affairs of the credit union.

VSECU’s Executive Team

Our Executive Team works closely with our Board of Directors to ensure that our credit union is providing members with the best possible experience and service.

Robert Miller
Chief Executive Officer

Terence Field
Senior Vice President
Finance Officer

Yvonne M. Garand
Senior Vice President
Marketing & Business Development Officer

Rick Hommel
Senior Vice President
Technology & Operations Officer

Valerie Beaudin
Head of Consumer and Residential Lending

Gregory Huysman
Director of Business Lending and Services

VSECU Board of Directors

VSECU is governed by our Board of Directors who are member-volunteers elected by the credit union membership.

Serving on the VSECU Board of Directors is a unique opportunity to get involved and share your expertise in guiding the credit union. The responsibility of the Board of Directors is broad, requiring a prudent, responsible, and thoughtful commitment to overseeing the safety and soundness, risk management, operations, performance and strategic direction of the credit union. A diverse and skilled board that represents the diversity of our membership is important.

Board members serve a three-year term and meet monthly with the CEO and Senior Executive Team. Additional sub-committees focused on policy, community contributions, environmental concerns and more also gives board members an opportunity to delve into areas of their expertise.

Members interested in serving on the board can submit their name each year as part of the VSECU annual meeting process. Qualified candidates are selected by the Nominating Committee for election or members may petition to the Supervisory Committee.

Supervisory Committee – Members serve a three-year term and meet quarterly with a responsibility of overseeing the comprehensive annual audits and affairs of the credit union.

We encourage our members to be engaged and to contact us with concerns, compliments, or issues that we as a board should be considering. We typically meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Montpelier main branch office, located at One Bailey Avenue, Montpelier, Vermont. Members are welcome to personally attend the meeting during an open forum period that commences at the beginning of each meeting. If you are a member and would like to attend the Member Forum portion of the meeting, please arrive prior to 5:00 pm. You can also contact us by email at BoardofDirectors@vsecu.com. This address is monitored by our executive administrator, who will deliver your communication to the appropriate board member(s).

Board of Directors Serving Three-Year Terms

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Ben Doyle, Serving 2018 to 2021
A little about Ben: Ben Doyle is the director of community and economic development for USDA Rural Development. In that capacity, he works across Vermont and New Hampshire to increase the economic vitality and quality of life in rural communities through strategic public investment in the areas of housing, infrastructure, and business development. In 2017, Rural Development invested over $400,000,000 in Vermont and New Hampshire. Ben is the former chair of the Board of Directors of the Vermont Humanities Council and is currently the president of the Vermont Community Development Association. He has served as a Peace Corps volunteer and administrator and holds an MA from New York University in the humanities and a BA from the University of Vermont in English.

What Ben says about serving on the Board: "VSECU is a fantastic organization and I’m honored to serve on its Board of Directors. As someone who is keenly interested in the social and economic future of rural communities, I’m excited to support VSECU’s work to grow the cooperative economy and to help more Vermonters achieve financial success. "

Michael Hogan — Vice Chair, Serving 2016 to 2022
A little about Michael: Mike recently retired from the State of Vermont, after 30 years of service. He served the last 17 years of his career as commissioner for the Department of Liquor Control. Mike has been a VSECU member for three decades and has found it easier to shoulder life’s demands with the help of the credit union’s services. Mike and his wife Mary Ellen live in rural Cabot and enjoy raising a few Black Angus cows, and biking and running the back roads of their community. Mike is currently a member of the Cabot Select Board and has served in various offices in his town. He is an avid reader of history and is active in his church.

What Michael says about serving on the Board: “I am very pleased to be part of an organization that lets its customers know that they are valued. I hope to use my business experience and skills to grow the VSECU membership.”

Janet Hollner, Serving 2018 to 2022
A little about Janet: Janet has served as a member of the VSECU Board of Directors since 2014. Before that, she served for several years as Board Chair for PMH Credit Union in Bennington, through the process of finding a merger partner and accomplishing the merger with VSECU. She brings a strong financial background to her service on the Board, having worked almost 22 years in the Finance Department of Southwestern Vermont Health Care before taking on a new role in 2018 as Director of Finance for Battenkill Valley Health Center, a Federally Qualified Health Center, in Arlington, VT. Janet appreciates the opportunity to represent VSECU members who live in southwestern Vermont.

What Janet says about serving on the Board: "I believe that belonging to a not for profit, member-owned financial cooperative where members, not stockholders, reap the benefits makes good sense. I appreciate the fact that VSECU stands out as a credit union that supports environmental and social initiatives, as well as economic development. I admire VSECU’s values and have been honored to be a part of charting its course. "

James Larsen, Serving 2020 to 2023
A little about James: James provides consulting services to local businesses and individuals, and served as the Director of Finance for two central Vermont clean technology manufacturing companies. James earned his MBA from the Simon School at the University of Rochester.

What James says about serving on the Board: “As a VSECU member for 19 years, I’ve had the opportunity to see it evolve into a state credit union that’s growing and providing services to more and more Vermonters every year. VSECU’s mission of and focus on real assets is the right one: keeping them local. VSECU is associated with the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, so it’s the best of local service and global standards. I am proud to bring my experience in financial analysis, compliance issues, accountability, and social and business responsibility to the VSECU Board of Directors.”

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Spencer Newman — Treasurer, Serving 2018 to 2021
A little about : Spencer Newman is president of Green Mountain Insight, a financial and strategic planning firm that helps mission-focused Vermont businesses grow and prosper in their communities. Several of Spencer’s clients have transformed from start-up businesses to employing hundreds of people, providing stable jobs and good wages for their employees. Spencer also serves on Governor Scott’s Strategic Planning Team and was chair of the Burlington Electric Board for five years, during which time the city became 100% powered by renewable energy. Spencer has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and a BA from Tufts University. He lives in Burlington with his wife and two teenage children, and enjoys skiing, hiking, and cooking and generally living in Vermont.

What Spencer says about serving on the Board: “It’s an honor to represent the members of VSECU. l feel passionately that the credit union can play a crucial role in supporting its members through innovative financial programs and educational offerings, and improving the lives of Vermonters and Vermont businesses throughout the state."


Norman D. McElvany — Chair, Serving 2013 to 2022
A little about Norm: Norm McElvany, a retired professor of business at Johnson State College, taught finance, accounting, marketing, and small business management for 23 years. Prior to his teaching career, he held senior management positions with Rossignol Ski, Elan Ski, and Look USA. He holds an MBA from the University of Nebraska, an Economics Degree from Allegheny College, and served four years in the US Air Force. A small-business owner, Norm and his wife opened the Williston Sports Center, the first indoor soccer arena in Vermont.

What Norm says about serving on the Board: “As a Board member I’m working to ensure that our credit union remains financially strong and member focused."

Heather Neuwirth Lovejoy, Serving 2017 to 2023
A little about Heather: Heather has dedicated her career to driving positive social change through innovative and entrepreneurial education. She is the director of programs at the Middlebury College Center for Creativity, Innovation, and Social Entrepreneurship, where she empowers students to translate their ideas into action by providing them with the tools, relationships, and funding they need to develop projects.

What Heather says about serving on the Board: “I’m honored to represent the VSECU membership by serving on the Board in support of the organization’s social mission. One goal of my professional life is to keep young talent in our state and by serving, I hope, to further engage students throughout the state to build awareness of the benefits of living and working in Vermont.”

George Sales, Serving 2020 to 2023
A little about George: George Sales is a small-business and managing owner of Pica-pica Filipino Cuisine in St. Johnsbury. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) whose clients and work experiences include the University of Massachusetts Medical School, ACCD-State of Vermont, M&T Bank, Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, and the World Bank. He holds a Master of International Management (MIM) from Thunderbird School of Global Management, an MBA from Case Western Reserve University, and a BA from George Mason University.

What George says about serving on the Board: “It is an honor and responsibility to serve as your Board member. My involvement with credit unions dates back more than 25 years, so I can justifiably state that credit unions such as VSECU enable individuals and communities to prosper and grow. I am prepared to draw upon my personal and professional experiences as an immigrant, an entrepreneur, an educator, a family man, and now as a Vermonter. I am committed to ensuring that best practices are always considered, and people always come first when looking at the way VSECU is run. Only then can we build the foundation that will promote and sustain financial, environmental, and social prosperity.”

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Amy Shollenberger, Serving 2019 to 2021
A little about Amy: Amy Shollenberger is the owner of Action Circles, a political strategy firm based in Montpelier, VT, founded in 2010. Amy developed the Action Circles Model of Campaigning and Organizing, and Action Circles uses this model to deliver a full range of services to its clients, including message development, campaign planning, trainings and workshops, lobbying, field organizing, organizational capacity building, and media relations services. Amy has more than 20 years of grassroots organizing, policy, and political issue campaign experience. She is committed to helping people engage in policy decisions that affect them. Amy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English & Philosophy from Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania.

What Amy says about serving on the Board: “When I was young, my parents taught me that credit unions were there to help regular people, and they told me that I should always be a member of a credit union—and through most of my life, I have been a member of a credit union, wherever I have lived. I am honored to be on the Board and to help ensure that VSECU is indeed working to improve the quality of life for all Vermonters. I will also work to ensure that members are engaged in that mission and in the credit union’s work.”

Janet Spitler, Serving 2018 to 2023
A little about Janet: Janet is the CFO at Housing Vermont, a non-profit organization that supports investment in the economic, environmental and social well-being of Vermont communities by creating permanently affordable housing and financing key community developments in downtown and village centers. Prior to joining the staff at Housing Vermont Janet was the CFO at Merchants Bank for 17 years. Her 20 plus years of experience in executive leadership positions, as well as her experience with non-profit boards, make her a strong candidate for the board of VSECU. Janet hold a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Syracuse University and a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from William Smith College.

Mary Trepanier — Secretary, Serving 2015 to 2021
A little about Mary: Mary is the Mammography Team Leader at Central Vermont Medical Center in Berlin. She graduated from Champlain College in 2002 with an Associate’s degree in Radiography Sciences, and again in 2014 with a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration; she is now working toward a Master’s Degree. Mary is also the Clinical Coordinator and Instructor for the Radiography program at River Valley Community College. In her spare time, Mary enjoys spending time with her family, motorcycling, reading, and playing the piano/organ, or volunteering as a basketball coach at Rumney Elementary School. Mary has been a member for more than a decade, recently financing a new home with VSECU.

What Mary says about serving on the Board: “As a long-term member at VSECU, I have utilized the credit union for a multitude of different loans. My experiences here have always included a personal touch, something you do not typically see anymore. I am excited to serve the members of VSECU and give back to the credit union that has given so much to me and my family.”

Email: BoardofDirectors@vsecu.com. This address is monitored by our executive administrator, who will deliver your communication to the appropriate board member(s).

Supervisory Committee Volunteers

Eugene Wescott, Chair – Serving 2018 to 2021

Donna Rae Heath – Serving 2019 to 2022

Renee Beauchemin – Serving 2020 to 2023

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