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Asylum Seekers Assistance Project at Chittenden Community Action - We Care 2, 2017 Award


Location: VSECU Annual Elections

Website: Chittenden Community Action, a program of Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity

Donation/Sponsorship: $2,964.82

Numbers of Vermonters Impacted: 45

Date: March 22, 2017

Contributed By: VSECU

We Care 2 is a member directed giving program where the distribution of funds are based on votes cast by the VSECU membership on the 2017 annual elections ballot.

“Asylum seekers are fleeing and cannot return to their home country because of fear for their own and families safety. The legalization process can take from 18 months to several years and during this time they are not eligible for state and federally-funded benefits or services. The Asylum Seekers Assistance Program (ASAP) is there to provides some relief during this extremely hard period. Funds from We Care 2 will help us continue our support of Asylum seekers with a small monthly stipend to families that makes their lives a little more bearable (food, medication, bus tickets, clothing, shoes), staff support for the paperwork process, and financial literacy education. Let’s not forget that ASAP is the only financial support project available presently for Asylum seekers in the State of VT. Thank you for your support!!”

- Sandrine Kibuey, associate director, Chittenden Community Action/CVOEO

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