Sip shelter hero

VSECU Brings Shelter to Those in Need

BCCH Expands Life Skills and Enrichment Programs

Location: Bennington County


Donation/Sponsorship: $10,000.00

Numbers of Vermonters Impacted: 200

Date: July 6, 2016

Contributed By: VSECU

Bennington County Coalition for the Homeless (BCCH) assists individuals & families in Bennington County facing homelessness by providing emergency shelter, transitional housing, homelessness prevention assistance, case management and follow up care. As part of our VGives program, we donated $10,000 to support recently expanded life skills and enrichment programs, which include supportive case management.

BCCH strives for sustainable solutions that will end the cycle of homelessness by offering program participants more than just a bed. In addition to intensive case management, the donation will support such programs as budgeting and credit repair, nutrition/gardening, cooking “Outside the Box” workshops with a focus on healthy meal planning on a budget, and employment readiness coaching. The employment readiness program is a vital part of BCCH’s participant’s success and is designed on an individual basis. Mock interviews along with job searches, resume building, and “dressing for success” are key elements provided to all participants. Bennington Coalition for the Homeless operates four different types of homeless shelters in Bennington County: A day center, a singles shelter, a family shelter, and a long-term shelter for homeless families or individuals in recovery. The Coalition serves nearly fifty people on any given night.

“Bennington Coalition for the Homeless would be unable to do what we do without the support from our community,” says BCCH’s Executive Director Christopher Oldham. “Our motto, Working Together, Making a Difference, encapsulates what we believe makes our organization so successful. Our developing relationship with VSECU solidifies the notion that together, we can make a difference in the lives of those in need. We are very grateful that VSECU recognizes the work of the Coalition and is willing to help us facilitate new beginnings for homeless families and individuals throughout our community. We also owe a debt of gratitude to the co-working, collaborative space known as the Lightning Jar powered by VSECU. We are very grateful for the relationships made and the benefits of being a member. We strongly believe that the future of the Coalition depends on such collaboration and innovation.”

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