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Blue Star Mothers of Vermont


Our mission is to provide support to our veterans, our active military, and the families of our fallen. We provide financial/emergency assistance for utilities, food, rent, gas, vehicle repairs, etc. We cook a homemade meal for two of the veterans housing once a month, and we provide holiday packages and food for these places along with the other VA locations for homeless veterans.

We also have our pet program and offer pet fostering for veterans who need pet care for any reason such as deployment, hospital stays, homelessness, medical issues, etc. We furnish comfort dogs (& cats) for veterans free of charge, provide good manners training for their dogs if needed, provide veterinary service assistance, and have a self training service dog program for veterans who suffer from PTSD.

We will continue to support our veterans and military for all needs listed above. A lot of our referrals are from the Vermont VA, the Vermont Veterans Outreach Program, Pathways, Easter Seals, and word of mouth.
Our pet program continues to help veterans pay for veterinary care for spay and neutering, and to keep their pets up to date on vaccines.

Website: https://bluestarmothersofvermont.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Blue-Star-Mothers-of-Vermont-153553781367384/

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