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Call for Volunteers: Board Positions Open


Seeking Members to Serve as Volunteers
For any financial institution, challenging economic times require skilled and thoughtful leadership. In addition, as VSECU is open to all Vermonters, our board must consider the financial needs of people in all corners of the state. This is your opportunity to offer your knowledge and skills to VSECU’s Board of Directors. We are seeking qualified member volunteers from around the state to fill open positions.

Application Process
To be considered for nomination, members must submit a letter of interest and resume to the Nominating Committee by November 15. The Committee will review the materials they receive and announce their selections on or before December 1.

As an alternate method of becoming a nominee, members also have the opportunity to file a petition with the Supervisory Committee. Contact Perry Thompson at 802/800 371-5162 for a petition form. The petition must be received at VSECU on or before December 15 in order to be valid.


Board of Directors – 3 vacancies
Directors are elected to 3-year terms. They are expected to attend a Board meeting each month, usually held on the third Wednesday of the month. Directors are also assigned to two or more Board Committees, which meet on a schedule ranging from monthly to quarterly. On average, a Director will attend one Board meeting and one Committee meeting per month. Some of the responsibilities of the Directors are setting the overall strategic direction of the credit union, approving the yearly budget and overseeing the various operating policies.

Credit Committee – 1 vacancy
Credit Committee members are elected to 3-year terms. The Credit Committee meets every week, typically on Thursday afternoons for one hour. The Credit Committee is responsible for appointing loan officers to review members’ loan requests and for taking action on loan applications that do not meet VSECU’s underwriting guidelines.

Supervisory Committee – 1 vacancy, appointed by the Board
Supervisory Committee members are appointed by the Board of Directors to 3-year terms. The Supervisory Committee generally meets once per quarter, but may meet more often if necessary. The Supervisory Committee is responsible for overseeing the audit function at VSECU. This oversight includes the review and approval of the work done by the VSECU Internal Auditor as well as work performed by external auditors retained by VSECU.

Letters of interest and resumes, or completed petitions should be sent to:
VSECU Nominating Committee
c/o Perry Thompson
PO Box 67
Montpelier, VT 05601-0067

Elections will take place at our next Annual Meeting in the first quarter of 2013.