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VSECU Brings Shelter to Those in Need

Champlain Housing Trust - We Care 2, 2017 Award

Location: VSECU Annual Elections

Website: Champlain Housing Trust

Donation/Sponsorship: $2,417.09

Numbers of Vermonters Impacted: 51

Date: March 22, 2017

Contributed By: VSECU

We Care 2 is a member directed giving program where the distribution of funds are based on votes cast by the VSECU membership on the 2017 annual elections ballot.

“The funds from VSECU will allow us to grow and expand our newest counseling program, On Track, which was developed this past year. On Track is an extension of our popular Ready, Set, Rent! program and consists of credit counseling and budget education for household tenants who have fallen into a cycle of paying their rent late each month, oftentimes resulting in the initiation of eviction proceedings. Now, tenants who are habitually late paying their rent are now invited to participate in On Track, which aims to prevent eviction and stabilize their housing long term. In its pilot phase, On Track helped 31 renters become current in their payments and with this funding we hope to help another 20 over the course of the next year.”

-Anna Herman, community relations specialist at Champlain Housing Trust
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