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Homeowners in mobile home parks face a unique challenge: they own their homes but rent the land underneath. They experience steep lot rent increases and eviction threats like renters. Also, they have little control over the timeliness and quality of infrastructure repair and maintenance services.

Residents need to learn about their rights and how to advocate for themselves to strengthen their communities, and we need these communities to be strong because they provide essential affordable housing options in our rural state.

CVOEO’s Mobile Home Program is a statewide program that provides free leadership and advocacy training to empower residents to gain control over their housing situation, as well as other essential services such as conflict resolution, education about housing rights, referral, and a hotline. In 2018, we reached 1,350+ residents via park organizing activities and provided 419 one-on-one conflict resolution consultations statewide. 230 residents honed their leadership skills with us.

“One young lady who works for CVOEO helped me to mitigate a serious issue for the mobile home park I live in that that in turn helped everyone in the park.”

Your vote for the Mobile Home Program is an investment in people who, like you, deserve fair and affordable housing.

The Mobile Home Program is a statewide program that currently runs with one full-time and one half-time staff. But their passion is not enough to assist all the residents they work with in a timely manner, or to provide as much in-depth guidance and training as necessary.

Fundraising support from We Care 2 contribute to fund a part-time Resident Organizer position. With increased staff capacity, we will meet these essential needs:

  • More training opportunities for residents in conflict resolution, organizing, and leadership.
  • More time devoted to individual guidance to fill out paperwork and help design housing stabilization plans.
  • Referrals to community partner resources.

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