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Charter House Coalition (CHC) serves those in Addison County who are primarily food and housing insecure. Throughout our meals and shelter programs we work with individuals and families to first find safety, acceptance, food, and shelter. Second, we work to connect individuals and families with the resources and services they need to live independent and successful lives. At Charter House, you can find a roof over your head on a cold night, a warm meal any day of the week, a bus pass to get you where you need to go, boots on your feet, and much more. As a volunteer-based organization sharing talents, resources, and personal connections throughout our nearly 1,000 volunteers enables Charter House to make a positive impact on our small community. In 2016 Charter House served over 33,000 free meals and provided shelter to over 92 children and adults. The Coalition programs include Community Supper on Fridays, Community Lunches Monday through Thursday, Saturday Family Breakfast, Sunday Grill, Pleasant Street supportive housing, Charter House Winter Shelters for Families and for Individuals, the Farm-to-Table Program, and the Day Station. The relationships between volunteers and program guests strengthen the Charter House community and the community at large. Our 94% volunteer retention rate from 2016 to 2017 speaks to this positive experience.

If CHC were to receive a We Care 2 donation it would be used to directly support the critical emergency shelter needs of homeless individuals in Addison County. Through our individual and family low-barrier shelters, we can provide emergency shelter for up to 20 individuals and 5 families. To provide a welcoming, trauma informed, and accepting environment we must be able to ensure appropriate overnight awake staffing, bedding, nutritious meals, facilities, and basic hygiene materials. Although we receive some state funding for our shelter programs, it’s not nearly enough to ensure that all the staffing and materials needed for success are available to our guests. Receiving a We Care 2 donation would enable CHC to meet the needs of our homeless neighbors more effectively.

Website: http://www.charterhousecoalition.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/charterhousecoalition/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CHCMiddlebury

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