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Clarina Howard Nichols Center, Inc.

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The Clarina Howard Nichols Center works to end domestic and sexual violence in Lamoille County through a 24-hour hotline, advocacy services, and emergency shelter for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Clarina provides outreach and education programs to support healthy behaviors and violence prevention. Last year we served 403 individuals. Our small team of five advocates provided emergency shelter for 37 individuals (18 adults and 19 children), legal advocacy for 200 individuals, and responded to 1,109 hotline calls.

Everyone deserves to be safe in their home and their community. We partner with law enforcement, medical providers, recovery center, mental health providers, schools, and many others to ensure comprehensive services are available to survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Our services are guided by the needs and goals of the survivors we work with. We listen and, most importantly, we believe survivors.

Clarina’s impact is best described by survivors themselves -

“I was fortunate to find a shelter that was ‘dog friendly’ – had it not been for the staff and shelter, we would be sleeping/living in my car. In a perfect world, there would be no domestic/sexual assaults – but until then, I have been blessed to have my furry companion/therapy dog to help me through what I would otherwise be going through alone.”

“I honestly feel that someone has my back and generally wants us to succeed in all aspects of our lives. She is more than just an advocate to me, she’s like an angel sent to help us through the dark times in my family’s life and I could never thank her enough for everything she is doing for all of us.”

A We Care 2 donation would be used to support our shelter operations. Ensuring that survivors fleeing from domestic and sexual violence have a safe place to explore their options, set goals, and move toward a life free of violence is critical to their safety and overall well-being. Without a place to go, survivors and their children are trapped in devastating situations with little hope for a safe future.

As a pet-friendly shelter, survivors are able to bring their pets into shelter with them. This is an incredible source of comfort and ensures the safety of pets who might otherwise be abused or abandoned.

Our shelter budget is $140,000, with only $34,000 of that amount supported by federal and state funding.

Website: http://clarina.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ClarinaHowardNicholsCenter/

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