Is your graduate college bound?

College tall

It’s August. Vermonters know that the end of the summer will be here all too soon – and that means time to return to school. Whether you have a son or daughter just starting as a freshman or returning for their senior year there’s sure to be a lot on your mind.

The checklist
Between shopping for school supplies and packing, thinking about all the expenses often becomes overwhelming. There are the basic expenses including tuition, books, and food. But what about other expenses like gas, parking permits and entertainment? It’s easy to see how many students leave school with credit card debt in addition to their student loans.

A little help
Many college students are managing their own accounts for the first time, and a big part of that is learning how to budget. Starting and maintaining a budget can be difficult. Being a member of VSECU can help your student start out and stay on the right track with tools like e-Statements, Mobile Banking and Online Banking. What could be more convenient than a financial institution that offers so many conveniences? There is also the Co-op surcharge-free ATM network for cash and checking balances, mobile deposit for depositing checks, and Popmoney® for sending extra cash when he or she needs it.

Online resources
Smart About Money has helpful information about the finances involved in sending your child to college.

Cash Course Prep can point your student in the right direction to thoughtfully and rationally manage his or her finances.

We’re here for you
We know sending your child off to college is stressful enough. Come in for a visit to ease the experience!