DIY Lawn & Garden Projects

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The spring weather has finally arrived and it’s time to get your lawn and garden in shape! We’ve put together some simple, fun lawn and garden projects that everyone can enjoy.

Build a Backyard Fire Pit

This popular trend for homeowners across the country is an easy DIY lawn project that makes your house the hotspot to spend summer evenings with family and friends!

Pick the location: First you want to check with your local municipal authorities to make sure it’s legal to light an open fire in your neighborhood. Next, decide on the perfect spot for your pit. Make sure you leave room to walk around the outside circumference and that it’s not close to any potential fire hazards (i.e. plants, fences, or buildings/structures). Remember that the wind will blow the smoke around so keep the fire pit a good distance from open doors and windows.

Choose your wall materials: Decide whether you want to use cement blocks or bricks for the walls. Place a ring of blocks or bricks down to get an idea of the size and shape of your pit before you start digging (approximately 4 feet in diameter).

Begin to dig: Make a circle in the ground around the outside to mark the circumference of your pit. Move your blocks and dig a 6 inch deep trench following the ring (the sides of the trench want to be straight and it should be wide enough to fit the blocks).

Add Gravel: Fill in the trench with 6 inches of gravel and pack it down with your foot until it’s compact and level.

Build the wall: Lay the first block on the gravel ring and make sure it’s level. Continue placing the blocks until you complete the circle, making sure they are level and fit closely together. Begin stacking the remainder of the blocks on top of this foundation by applying masonry adhesive with a caulking gun. On the second tier, you want to stagger the blocks over the first level. After completing the second tier, fill the pit with 6 inches of gravel to help add support and act as the surface for the fire to burn. Add a third and fourth tier of blocks to complete the wall.

Finish the job: Put a cap along the top of your wall by gluing the blocks on top with the masonry adhesive you used for the rest of the structure.

Container Gardening

An easy and inexpensive way to give your flower gardens some extra character this year is by using old items for flower containers in place of ordinary flower pots. Below is a list of items you can find around your house that make great flower containers. Just add soil, flowers and a fresh coat of bright or bold paint if you’re looking for some added color!

  • Painted wooden box
  • Old watering can or oil can
  • Heavy decorative dinner glasses
  • Galvanized steel tub or wooden barrel (you can also use the barrel tipped on its side)
  • Fountain or bird bath (fountains with 3 or 4 tiers create a great garden center piece)
  • Grandpa’s wooden toolbox
  • Wheel barrel or old red wagon
  • Maple Sugaring buckets
  • Old mailbox
  • Pair of rain boots

Painted Vegetable Garden Rocks

If you can’t get the kids to help plant the vegetable garden, you can keep them busy with this adorable but very useful vegetable garden project. All you need is several medium sized rocks (approximately 5- 6 inches in length and 3-4 inches in diameter), paint and paint brushes. Give the kids a list of the vegetables you have planted in your garden and let them paint and label each rock with a different vegetable. When they are finished, you have labels for each row/section of your vegetable garden that are both functional and attention-grabbing at the same time!