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Downstreet Housing & Community Development

Downstreet housing and community development

Our zip codes—the places where we live—shouldn’t determine the trajectory of our lives. The idea of justice for all means that people should have an equal opportunity to make the most of their potential, no matter where they come from. Downstreet exists to live up to this core principal—to bolster fairness across places. When our communities have good healthy homes, along with other critical elements like good schools, dependable transportation, and strong businesses; it provides all of us with a fair shot at success, no matter where we live. Right now, our housing system isn’t fair. Vermont has the fifth largest affordability gap in the nation. This creates serious problems for all kinds of communities, but especially those where people with lower and moderate incomes live. The situation continues to get worse as rents and home prices steadily rise while incomes stagnate. These differences between places end up creating huge advantages for some people and real disadvantages for others. To ensure fairness across our communities, Downstreet creates and preserves affordable housing while connecting people and families to the resource they need to thrive. We serve youth, families, full-time employed couples, single-parents, the homeless, two-job working adults, medically-disabled, teenagers, senior adults, young adults…we serve EVERYONE because home is EVERYTHING. By voting for Downstreet, you’re voting for vibrant and inclusive communities where EVERYone has a chance to prosper.

If honored as a recipient, the We Care 2 donation would be earmarked for the Capacity Fund—Downstreet’s annual fundraising campaign. The Capacity Fund acts as Downstreet’s funding source of innovation. As a community-driven entity, Downstreet is constantly working to further develop solutions that meet the needs of the community. The We Care 2 donation would support the development of our new initiatives including the following: Leading the statewide housing response to Vermont’s opioid crisis through the acceleration of Vermont’s recovery residence network; responding to escalating student loan debt through new education-based programs; launching a family-oriented support and services at-home program dedicated to family health and well-being; and designing and developing energy efficient resilient “small” homes—a more cost-friendly housing option for all.

Website: http://www.downstreet.org/
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