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Downstreet exists to bolster an environment of social justice for all and as a result, strengthen the health and future of Vermont communities through the power of housing.

For every adult, family, and child – access to safe, stable housing can change everything, from food security to job access to educational outcomes. When people can consider their homes as an asset rather than a liability, they thrive, and the community around them benefits. Housing is the essential fabric to a healthy and prosperous society, but it can also be an adversary for many. A fact that rings true for too many Vermonters today.

From the high cost of living and unaffordable rents to homelessness to an aging population of people and housing infrastructure, Vermonters and communities all across the state are struggling with their housing situation. Everyone feels this effect, but especially the communities where people and families of low-to-moderate incomes live. Our current housing challenges are perpetuating the cycles of poverty, limiting local business and economic expansion, and jeopardizing the resiliency of our rural communities. This is why Downstreet exists.

We are on a mission to eradicate the housing challenges of our time. We are achieving this through actively pursuing and developing new approaches to housing for our rural communities, creating and preserving affordable housing, and connecting people and families to the resources they need to thrive.

By voting for Downstreet, you’re voting for a healthy Vermont housing future.

The donation would be earmarked for Downstreet’s Capacity Fund, our primary funding source of innovation. Examples of what the donation would support are as follows:

  • The Residences 4 Recovery Initiative, a statewide effort to accelerate the development of Recovery Housing to provide safe, supportive sober living environments to people in recovery from substance use disorder.
  • A tiny home pilot program that will house specific homeless individuals with mental illness and offer a new cost-efficient development option as we seek to maximize every funding dollar.
  • The Neighborhood Housing Program, a pilot effort to improve neighborhoods and financially strengthen families through the power of homeownership.
  • The Family SASH pilot program intended to serve and assist low-to-middle-income earning families navigate the complexity of childcare and family responsibilities.

Website: https://downstreet.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/downstreetvt

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