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VSECU Brings Shelter to Those in Need

Emergency Shelter Program

Location: Barre

Website: Good Samaritan Haven

Donation/Sponsorship: $3,000.00

Date: July 6, 2016

Contributed by: VSECU

Good Samaritan Haven is the only homeless shelter in Central Vermont. The shelter has thirty beds and is full almost every night. Last year the organization served 239 unique individuals and provided over 21,000 nights of shelter and charitable meals.

VSECU’s donation to the Emergency Shelter Program will allow Good Samaritan Haven to provide over one hundred nights of shelter to homeless individuals in the community. Every guest at the shelter will be given individualized support services to help them move forward into stable housing as quickly as possible.

VSECU’s donation will also be used to supply basic needs including dinner, laundry, clothing, and toiletries. The simple things that many people take for granted are often desperately needed when someone is experiencing homelessness.

Good Samaritan Haven strives to treat all clients with compassion and dignity in their time of need. With VSECU’s support, the organization will continue to transform the lives of homeless individuals in the Central Vermont community.

“Good Samaritan Haven would like to thank VSECU for being a strong community partner in the work to end homelessness in our community. The organization relies heavily on community support to operate the homeless shelter and to provide services to our guests. With VSECU”s help we will continue to transform the lives of those experiencing homelessness in our community." —-Good Samaritan Haven Executive Director Brooke Jenkins

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