Enhanced Call Center Features

We are excited to announce call center enhancements that are rolling out on or around April 15th. These changes will allow the VSECU call center to better meet your needs and you will still be connected with the same Member Service Consultants you have always spoken with, right here in Vermont.

We are always searching for opportunities to improve member service and increase efficiencies. Currently, all phone calls are routed to a single queue to wait for a Member Service Consultant. Sometimes the wait is lengthy for simple questions and transactions, while those requesting loan approvals may be transferred several times or may require a return call to speak with a specialist.

When the new system is implemented, members will be routed to consultants that specialize in their specific areas of need. In some instances it may even be possible to be approved for a consumer loan without being transferred to a different consultant or requiring a return phone call.

While the new system routes more complicated requests to specialists, the general queue is shorter, allowing for quicker responses for basic requests. As always, the fastest way to complete basic transactions is by using Online Banking or the Automatic Access by Phone service.

Please listen carefully to the new menu options and select the option that most accurately describes the reason for your call. Although there will be more menu options than before, waiting to select the correct option will guarantee you receive the fastest service for your needs.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us at 802/800 371-5162.