New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at Montpelier Branch

Ev stations

Getting around Vermont can use a lot of fuel. While we try to walk to school, bike to work and take the bus to the store, most of our traveling uses a personal vehicle within a few miles of our homes. As a result, transportation accounts for more than 1/3 of our state’s carbon footprint.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are gaining traction in Vermont: as of January 2014, the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles reports a 200% increase in the number of EVs since the beginning of 2013. To complement the increase in EVs on the road, we are pleased to announce that VSECU is providing EV charging at our Montpelier branch, thanks to a partnership with Green Mountain Power.

Stop by and check out our new equipment – We have a dual-port, Level 2 ChargePoint station and a single-port, Fuji Level 3 Fast Charge station. They are ready for you to plug in and charge up. Currently, all EV charging at this location is free, and we will evaluate usage and fees in the coming months. For now, enjoy EV charging for free, and check out these online resources:

Want to purchase an electric vehicle? There are federal tax credits and a limited-time state incentive available. We can help you finance your green vehicle, too. Check out our VGreen auto loans for great rates and extended terms to make your EV purchase even smarter!