Get Ready For Spring Home Renovations


If the “Honey-Do” list has gotten quite long over the winter months you could be headed into a busy spring and summer. Let us help with these renovation and remodeling tips and options:


According to Remodeling, renovations and upgrades on New England mid-range homes will have a higher resale value than seen in 2011-2012 so this is a great year to make plans for that upgrade. Whether you plan on using a contractor or doing the work yourself experts say to allot for 20 to 30 percent more than what you think the project will cost for errors and unexpected work or repairs. Keep a watchful eye on your budget to insure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck in the upgrades you’re making.

Going “Green” isn’t as Expensive as You May Think

With the numerous advancements in solar technologies making your upgrade solar powered may not be as pricey as you imagine. Through a program with Co-op Solar, solar hot water is quite affordable with no out of pocket expense. Energy efficient upgrades such as Energy Star® appliances, windows, doors and even better insulation for your house could qualify for discounted rates on home equity products here at VSECU. We reward our members for being environmentally conscious with extended terms and discounted rates to make your “green” project affordable – visit our VGreen page for more information.

Research, Research, Research

You can often find great cost saving ideas for your project online or in home improvement stores. Inspiration can come from many different places, some of which you may not expect. The paint sample area of a store often has books showing the color pallet for a room or outside project. Look beyond the paint and you have pages of great ideas to include in your renovation! HGTV and the DIY Network also have TV series of shows full of great ideas. There are many Facebook pages, such as The Family Handyman, that post home improvement ideas every day as well. Researching before you start can save money and mistakes.

Safety First

Although purchasing safety gear may seem like a drain on your budget, the alternative could be much worse. Be sure you have safety goggles, gloves, hard toed shoes, jeans or full leg covering and proper ventilation before starting any home improvement project yourself. If you don’t have the right tools for the job they can often be rented from a local rental shop. If you don’t have the expertise for the job you’ll want to call in a professional to insure the job is done right, saving costly future repairs.

Best of luck completing your home improvement to-do list. If you need financing options to make your larger projects affordable visit us here at VSECU. We’re here to help save you money, just don’t ask us about paint colors and miter joints!