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We are seeking funding for the train-the-trainer style K.E.E.P. Financial Coaching program. This program works by empowering client-facing staff in our partner nonprofit agencies with financial literacy and individual coaching skills gained through intensive introductory training. Once certified, coaches are supported as they integrate financial coaching into their work. This is done through ongoing one-on-one implementation support from the United Way master coach, ongoing topic-specific trainings by local and regional experts (like Retirement Basics, Credit and Credit Building Strategies for Clients, etc.), and peer support from other coaches throughout our region. Our goal is to extend the reach of financial knowledge by giving coaches the tools they need to maximize existing relationships with their clients and address the core financial struggles that can impact a person’s ability to get ahead. Using these existing, trusted relationships, coaches can reach a broad population and empower clients to take control of their financial lives and become more financially stable, no matter their income, experience, education, age, or ability. By adding financial coaching to an array of other skills coaches already have, they help clients get to the core of the financial issues impacting their ability to overcome challenges in other areas like housing, health, education, etc. We see financial stability as a keystone to addressing poverty and supporting client-facing staff at our nonprofit partners. Additionally, these skills support our coaches’ ability to care for themselves and their families, by making sure they, too, have the skills they need to be financially stable.

This donation will directly support the K.E.E.P. Financial Coaching Program with the goal of creating financial stability for Vermonters by empowering client-facing staff in our partner nonprofit agencies with financial literacy and behavior-change coaching. Trained coaches are then able work with clients on core financial stability issues that impact their ability to overcome challenges. This program maximizes impact by working with nonprofit staff throughout the nonprofit sector who see and build relationships with hundreds of clients each year. By giving those clients the tools and skills they need to take control of their financial lives, this program not only impacts those who it directly touches, but works to break the cycle of poverty present in many of our communities.

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