Holiday Shopping Tips

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As you prepare for the coming season, we want to make sure you get the most out of your holiday shopping. We’ve prepared a few easy-to-follow budgeting tips and ways you can keep your card information safe.

Holiday Budgeting Tips

  • Plan ahead. Make a list of everyone you need to buy for and how much you plan to spend. Stick to this list.
  • Shop early. Purchase gifts earlier in the season. If you leave shopping until the last minute, you may make purchases you don’t need because you feel rushed.
  • Compare prices. Save time and gas money by checking prices online or calling the stores. If you’ve signed up for retailer emails and shop early in the season, you can likely enjoy the perks of discounted prices.
  • Don’t dismiss gift cards. They are ideal for all ages and are a great way to stick to your budget.

Keeping Your Card Information Safe

  • Online Only purchase from retailers that have secure online processing–look for the closed lock icon in your browser.
  • Account Statement Review your statements regularly to check for any unauthorized activity. Contact your financial institution immediately if you don’t recognize a transaction.
  • Traveling Contact your card issuer before you travel out of state to avoid the hassle of having your card frozen by automatic fraudulent monitoring systems for abnormal activity.
  • Outdated Items Be sure to shred old cards, statements and receipts.
  • Sharing Information Never give out account, personal or sensitive information. VSECU will never ask for this information unless you have contacted us and initiated the conversation yourself.
  • Use Common Sense Chances are if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Buy local. Save more.

The VERMONT Platinum Card is the only credit card that rewards purchasers with a lower interest rate for supporting Vermont businesses.

Lower interest rate on Vermont purchases.

To reward buying local, the VERMONT Platinum card offers a discounted rate of 6.50% APR* on Vermont-based purchases and balance transfers.

No balance transfer fees.

With the low interest rate and no balance transfer fees of the VERMONT Platinum Card you can transfer the balance from your high interest rewards card and save some cash.

If you already have the VERMONT Platinum Card, you can easily transfer balances from other credit cards within Credit Card Online.

* The Vermont Based Rate is contingent on, and applies to purchases identified by the state code used by the merchant’s processing system. All transactions processed by merchants with a Vermont state code will receive the Vermont Based Rate. The Annual Percentage Rates (APR) are variable and can change based on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate plus a margin of 3.25% for the Vermont Based Rate and 7.25% for the Standard Rate. Rates effective 11/1/2014.