How Employee Satisfaction Boosts Employer Success

Andrew gansberg square

By Andrew Gansenberg, VSECU Member Service Consultant

As employees, we spend a large portion of our lives at work, allowing businesses to flourish. Finding an employer that enables us to thrive as well has not always been easy, but fortunately, a movement toward employee satisfaction is growing. Business leaders are realizing that focusing on employee satisfaction offers a high return on investment and employees are realizing they no longer have to settle for unfulfilling work and unhealthy workplaces.

In the conclusion of a 2014 study by the Monash University Department of Economics, researchers stated that there is “evidence of bidirectional causality between job satisfaction and life satisfaction.” In other words, our job satisfaction creates a positive ripple effect in our homes, businesses, and communities.

Perceptions and expectations of work and the work environment have evolved over time. Historically, people worked to provide the necessities for survival. As economies grow, enabling people to support hobbies and engage more meaningfully in their communities, people are beginning to seek employment that provides both job and life satisfaction. Those employers who fail to improve the workplace experience will see higher turnover in staff and lower output. But employers who invest in their work environments and communities will attract superior talent and will enjoy the benefits of more engaged, creative, and motivated workers.

As a new employee at VSECU, I was impressed that a part of my two-week new employee training involved a personal meeting with Rob Miller, our CEO. He takes the time to meet with all new employees, to get to know them and explain the vision of our company, the goals of our industry, and, most importantly, our mission. I have been pleasantly surprised by frequent communications from leaders throughout the company—some simply taking the time to get to know me better. Often, they reach out with unique opportunities because they understand my passions and what will help me feel fulfilled in my work.

VSECU was recently named one of the 2017 “Best Places to Work” by Vermont Business Magazine. They, and the other businesses named on the list, have earned the accolade by making employee engagement an important business goal. This outlook not only impacts the bottom lines of these organizations, but strengthens our economy and enriches the lives of employees.