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VSECU Tackles Hunger in Vermont

Hunger Action Month

Hunger Action

Date: September 2015

Location: Vermont

Website: Vermont Foodbank

Donation/Sponsorship: $634.00

Numbers of Vermonters Impacted: 153,000

Contributed by: VSECU

During Hunger Action Month, we activated our branches by raising awareness to the problem of hunger and collecting donations to feed hungry Vermonters. Montpelier high school art students created and installed an interactive crow sculpture, recalling the Abenaki legend that inspired the Vermont Foodbank’s logo. During the month, donors were given one orange spoon for every dollar donated to place in the sculpture and symbolically feed the crow. On September 30th, the filled sculpture traveled to the statehouse lawn where 153,000 orange spoons were placed in the lawn to signify the number of Vermonters who receive food assistance each year.

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