It May Take a Superhero to Get Your Kids to Budget

Budget blaster

Need help teaching your kids about saving and spending wisely? Call in the superhero!, a financial literacy website sponsored by Visa, has created a “really cool worksheet”: featuring one of our favorite Marvel comic heroes, the Incredible Hulk. This fun and educational activity helps teach youngsters how to track their income and expenses.

Using the worksheet, the child can keep a log of money earned performing chores or extra jobs around the house or a regular allowance. Then, the child can track expenses, such as paying for movies or snacks or giving to charity. The goal is to help the child learn to save some money first and then plan expenses accordingly. The challenge is help your child spend only what has been planned in the budget.

We all need a little help from a superhero once in a while, so let the Incredible Hulk keep your child’s spending on track!