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VSECU Tackles Hunger in Vermont

Letter Carriers Food Drive

Food Drive

Location: West Rutland

Hours Volunteered: 2.00

Date: May 14, 2016

Contributed by: Jennifer Leeson

Every quarter, our Rutland VSECU branch organizes an effort to make a food donation in the community. Recently we decided to contribute the food donations we collected at our branch to the annual Letter Carrier Food Drive.

Typically, people donate to this drive by leaving items in their mail box for their postman to collect when they drop off the mail. Since our branch is closed on Saturdays, our Member Service Consultant Jordan Sivret delivered our food collection box to her mother, Cathy Miles, who is a letter carrier at the West Rutland Post Office.

We like to make annual food donations because we can engage in food collection as a branch, with all departments contributing. It is budget-friendly for most of us (each person can donate as much or as little as they like, or not at all and there is no pressure to participate) and we can choose different community cupboards/local food shelves each year. These donations are small gestures but they can have a big impact on our communities (and they make us feel really good).

(Photo: Jordan and her mother Cathy Miles.)

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