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Town Energy Committees – Local Groups Take Action


Community—If we could pick just one word that sums up the character of Vermont, it would be ‘community.’ Our communities work together at the local level to solve problems, celebrate successes, recover from disasters and collaborate to achieve common goals.

On Saturday, December 7, Vermonters practiced community at the annual Vermont Energy & Climate Action Network (VECAN) conference where Vermont’s network of town energy committees, residents and policy makers came together to celebrate progress and future next steps in tackling energy and climate changes.

Special guests at the conference included Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Peter Welch whose attendance emphasizes the importance our state places on energy efficiency, renewables and other climate change issues. Representative Welch used Vermonters as an example of how to get things done at the local level no matter what kind of gridlock takes place in Washington DC. He stated that Vermonters should have a sense of pride for their work and contributions to helping our state achieve energy related goals.

Several awards were presented to leadership communities for their outstanding efforts in affecting community change including the Thetford Energy Committee, the Brattleboro Energy Committee, and Fran Putnam, chair of the Weybridge Energy Committee.

VSECU is proud to sponsor the VECAN conference because it allows Vermonters to connect with industry leaders, advocates, businesses and other ordinary hard-working Vermonters so we can all do our part to reach Vermont’s Comprehensive Energy Plan goals. If you are interested in learning how you and your community can get involved and support the future of an energy efficient Vermont, visit