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“Our mission is to improve the quality of life and restore dignity to hungry individuals and families by providing nutritious food and comradery in a safe, warm and caring environment for all who enter our doors”. For over 35 years our primary focus has been to meet the basic needs of food and companionship while offering hope through compassionate service. The Kitchen provides food security to families and individuals including seniors seven days a week. We serve breakfast and lunch daily and have added two evening meals a week. Seniors and essentially anyone who is hungry is able to take home evening meals as well. In 2018 our volunteers provided us with over 9,100 hours of service and together we served 29,220 meals. In the past two years we have purchased a building with a low-interest loan from a community member. The mortgage is less than the rent we were paying. We collaborated with Community Action and Northwest VT Healthy Roots gleaning program to get a van so we can expand our meal service to Enosburgh once a week and the Champlain Islands once a week in the future. We have added programs that assist seniors with food security because those on fixed incomes often do not have enough money to buy food after they purchase their medications. Representatives from area agencies come to the Kitchen weekly to provide medical, mental health, and housing services. Volunteers are working with folks with intellectual disabilities once a week at the Kitchen making pet treats and delivering them to our local animal shelter. This has been a rewarding experience for all. We have one full-time and two part-time employees.

We would use the We Care 2 money to help us sustain our expanded hours of service, sustain our seniors’ food security program, and essentially help us to ensure that no one in Franklin County is food insecure.

Website: http://marthaskitchen802.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarthasKitchenVT/

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