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People are held back due to poverty, trauma, abuse, lack of financial resources, literacy and education. Mercy Connections helps people re-discover their loveliness and potential, and find the will within to make positive changes. We have three program areas—Justice & Mentoring, Women’s Small Business Program, and Education & Tansition Program. We rely upon results-based accountability to measure the impact of these programs. Together these programs and strategies reduce the alarming costs and rates of recidivism, increase women-owned businesses, and strengthen the Vermont economy, help new Americans become citizens, and move people to greater degrees of self sufficiency and dignity.

If awarded We Care 2 funds, we would apply those funds to enhance our education offerings and financial literacy efforts. Personal financial empowerment and literacy and business finance are integral components of several programs: Finance 101 ( basics), Personal Coaching (individualized), Mercy Marketplace (opportunity to learn skills, sell products in a supported public marketplace and earn income), Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By Society (chart a path out of poverty); and Entrepreneurial Business Start Up ( comprehensive business planning). People will acquire the skills and access programs that will result in bank-ready business plans, reduced debt, increased financial literacy, increased confidence and motivation, earnings, and a much needed sense of belonging and community.

Website: http://www.mercyconnections.org
Facebook: http://facebook.com/mercyconnectionsinc
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/mercyconnect

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