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North Branch Nature Center (NBNC) provides Vermonters with rich and varied opportunities to connect with the natural world in all seasons. We offer programs for a broad range of age groups and interests, ranging from our weekly nature playgroup and family-friendly nature festivals to nature walks and workshops for adults. We strive to make our programs affordable and accessible to all with free or low-cost programming, and scholarships to attend summer camps, after-school programs, and our licensed Forest Preschool. ECO (Educating Children Outdoors) currently serves 12 local schools, providing 1,035 children with regular learning opportunities in outdoor settings throughout the school year.

NBNC also models and provides opportunities to engage in and learn about environmental stewardship practices. We highlight the environmental choices we’ve made on our campus, such as the installation of a solar array, an electric vehicle charging station, and a community composting program. Volunteer opportunities at NBNC include planting gardens for native pollinators, an annual spring amphibian monitoring program, and invasive plant removal along the North Branch of the Winooski.

NBNC firmly believes that the opportunities we provide are essential for all Vermonters. Fostering a frequent and personal connection to nature has been shown to have numerous wellness benefits: emotional, mental, and physical. Spending time in nature not only nurtures an enduring conservation ethic, but it can also reduce stress, increase focus, and improve creativity. The joy and wonder that comes from time spent in nature should be available to all.

A donation from We Care 2 would enable North Branch Nature Center to provide more equal access to our nature programming. Funds would go towards our Kids Need Nature scholarship fund for youth programming, including summer nature camps, ECO (Educating Children Outdoors) in local schools, our full-time Forest Preschool, and other youth naturalist programming. Connecting with the natural world is important for all ages, but providing opportunities for youth, regardless of ability to pay, is a major priority for our organization.

Website: https://northbranchnaturecenter.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/northbranchnaturecenter/
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