We Care 2—Member-Directed Giving

North Central Vermont Recovery Center

North central vermont recovery center

NCVRC serves people from throughout the Lamoille Valley and outlying towns. While our mission is to serve people in or seeking recovery from Substance Use Disorders (addictions) and their families, and many of our programs and services address the addictions themselves, we serve the whole person and in many ways our whole community. As such, we directly touch on every aspect of their lives, often addressing broader health concerns, unemployment, poverty, food insecurity, transportation needs, housing and much more. And of course, we work with people to address their overall mental health and wellbeing. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have served thousands of people whose situations have worsened not just in terms of mental health and substance use, but in other aspects of their lives. We have been deeply involved in the entire community’s response to the pandemic and all of the needs our neighbors have through community collaboratives such as the Lamoille Area Health and Human Services Response Command Center, leading many of the mental health and substance use related organizations in our coordinated response. We have been feeding people from our gardens, by making meals, by mobilizing staff and volunteers, by helping people get wood for the winter along with other nonprofit partners, by helping people stay employed and get housing, and through many other actions to address basic needs, all while facing a dramatic increase in substance use and mental health challenges. There are few things that have happened in the Lamoille Valley related to the C19 response that NCVRC has not been involved in in some way, helping to mitigate many of the issues our community and out state face.

Funds raised through the We Care 2 will go toward providing robust, holistic health and wellness opportunities, thereby promoting whole-person, whole life wellbeing. It will support direct services through workshops, classes, and events that utilize our fitness center, wellness practitioners, and other opportunities that help people achieve and sustain recovery from addictions and live healthier, happier lives. These services will also be available to family members affected by a loved one’s addictions. Specifically, it would services such as reiki, yoga, AcuDetox, nutrition education, gardening, hikes and biking excursions, outdoor recreation, arts and music therapies, equine therapy, recovery coaching for program participants, and other evidence-based modalities.

Website: https://www.ncvrc.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NorthCentralVermontRecoveryCenter
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NCVTRecovery

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