Planning a Wedding: Money Saving Tips


According to Brides magazine the average 2012 wedding cost nearly $27,000. That’s enough to buy a new car, make a substantial down payment on a house or leave newlyweds at odds trying to cope with their new joint debt. If you’re planning a wedding today don’t fret, you can have your dream wedding and go easy on your budget with these money saving tips:

Timing is Everything
With four beautiful Vermont seasons, who says spring and summer are the ideal time for a wedding? Most venues charge much less for fall and winter weddings and many charge less depending on the day of the week and time of day you choose to celebrate. Friday night weddings are becoming increasingly popular and mid-day food service usually costs less than evening dinner meals. If your wedding is one of many during the more popular months, you may also find less enthusiasm and participation from your guests than you had hoped for in the celebration of your big day.

Location, Location, Location
If you and your soon-to-be spouse have agreed to not have a church ceremony there are many venues that provide the ceremony and reception space in the same location. A single location saves you money and guests travel. Wedding cruises and the great outdoors are other popular single location options. If you don’t know someone with a good outdoor space, cities and towns will often rent a park for less money than a formal venue. Vermont State Parks also have wedding venues available.

Brand is Not Everything
It’s easy to get caught up in brand names when planning for a wedding. Before heading to a designer store think back to the last five weddings you’ve attended…can you recall the brand names of the clothing and shoes being worn by the wedding parties? Chances are you can’t, and most likely nobody will at your wedding either. Avoid the designer store and visit a bargain store. After all, white shoes are white shoes whether they cost $20 or $200. Table linens, chair covers and flowers are other areas that can take your budget over the top if you’re trying to accomplish an inflated status-quo of wedding “must haves.”

Plan Ahead
Advanced planning will not only reduce stress but will save you from spending more on last minute purchases. Whether you’re just starting to plan or are in the final countdown; if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your wedding budget stop in and see us at VSECU. We can help you start a special savings account for your big day and discuss other options available. Congratulations on your engagement and remember to have fun!