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Point to Point Training Ride with Vermont Bicycle Shop

Are you ready to ride to help fight hunger in Vermont? If not join VSECU, The Vermont Bicycle Shop and Harpoon for an evening ride that will certainly help boost your riding confidence.

Just want a pretty ride we are here for you. This ride through Danville is sure to have you stopping for a photo op.

Starting in Danville this gentle climb up past Joe’s Pond and towards Walden is a great way to get out and see some amazing views and enjoy some of Vermont’s very best back roads. The ride follows the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail until you turn right and head up to HWY 15 otherwise known as The Grand Army of the Republic Highway. It’s a beautiful section of road that leads to the small almost town of Walden, VT. This is where the last 8 miles of warm up will come in handy as you ascend the gravel roads above Danville to amazing views and friendly neighbors. After a short flat section at the top you are ready for a nearly no pedal 3 mile ride back to Danville proper. There you will take the rail trail back to your car.