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Prevent Child Abuse Vermont


Prevent Child Abuse Vermont (PCAVT) is the Vermont Chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America and the National Circle of Parents. The mission of PCAVT is to promote and support healthy relationships within families, schools, and communities to eliminate child abuse. Our goals are to end the generational cycle of abuse; train all who interact with children on proven methods to prevent child abuse; and empower children to be heard. PCAVT has been serving children and families at significant risk of child abuse and neglect for 41 years by creating, adopting, and carrying out statewide, innovative, proven effective prevention programs. In 2016 PCAVT served 13,798 children, teens and parents, caregivers, professionals and educators through direct service and training. In total, the programs and trainings held in 2016 impacted approximately 39,507 children and teens.
PCAVT focuses on child abuse prevention in all forms. We are in schools, childcare facilities and other organizations, training folks on how the be more empathetic and aware.
In our Nurturing Program Curriculum there is a meal component. We feed our participant families a good hearty nutritious meal. With an admin cost of less than 4%, we could use the funds to help pay for the meals. These meals are sometimes one of the best that participants have all week.

Within the curriculum of our Nurturing Parenting Programs, we bring participant families together for a meal. In some cases, this nutritional meal is looked forward to. The funds would be used to purchase food for the meals for the 50+ Nurturing Parenting Programs that are held each year.

Website: https://pcavt.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pcavt
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pcavt

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