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Random Rescue Donation

Date: April 4, 2016

Location: Random Rescue, 140 Casino Rd, Williamstown, VT

Website: Random Rescue Website

Donation/Sponsorship: $165.00

Numbers of Vermonters Impacted: 10

Contributed by: Krista Borneisen

Random Rescue, an animal rescue center located in Williamstown, VT, provides services for dog lovers everywhere! At Random Rescue, owned and rescued dogs enjoy all the comforts of family life like swimming in one of the center’s two ponds, hiking through 35 acres of wooded trails, or snoozing on a comfy chair or dog bed.

The rescue center provides the same level of love to the cats they rescue but in March of 2016, they posted on Facebook and Twitter that they were getting low on dog- and cat-related supplies. Loan services specialist Chelsea Brennan noticed the post and suggested we get involved; since nearly everyone in the Operation Center owns a pet and/or loves animals, we saw it as a great opportunity to help out.

Chelsea and I sent emails to everyone within the center, requesting donations in support of Random Rescue and the response was wonderful. We raised $165.00, enabling us to purchase three 40-pound boxes of cat litter, two 24-count cases of canned cat food, two 16-pound bags of dry cat food, and one 30-pound bag of dry dog food.

To express their gratitude, Random Rescue posted a thank you on their Twitter account, dated April 5, 2016: “#grateful for our community wrapping around and holding us up when we ask for support. Thank you so much, VSECU.” They included a photograph of the card and group photo we submitted with our donation.

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