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Over the past year we’ve seen our trainers and trainees adapt to adversity and grow through these new challenges. At the heart of it all we’ve focused on community building and taking care of each other’s well being. We started thinking about how we can promote both kindness toward others and connect real life skill building to a curriculum that teaches important social and emotional skills to our trainees. Random Acts of Carpentry will enable our students to just that while protecting the environment and the health and well-being of vulnerable members of our community.

While there is great need for affordable housing work and construction projects, not everyone can afford these services. ReSOURCE’s Random Acts of Carpentry will not only raise critical funds to support this work, but our students are proud to volunteer their time and build their skills to meet community needs for those who are most vulnerable and more isolated than ever.

Random Actus of Carpentry can build a ramp to increase accessibility and safety to an exterior entrance, it can involve weatherizing windows and doorways, building a shed, or fixing an aging porch or stairs. No matter the project, it’s an act of kindness, and our trainees continue to build useful skills for everyday life while assisting Vermonters in need.

It is this giving spirit, this sense of community that motivates us and we want to share it with you, in the hopes that you too can see the potential born out of this challenge.

Elderly, low-income, disabled, and otherwise disadvantaged Vermonters have been disproportionately impacted and isolated during this pandemic. ReSOURCE already focuses our services on much of this subset of Vermont’s population, but by leveraging our training and skill-building among our trainees, we think we can benefit more people.

As people have been asked to stay at home, many are realizing these homes are not as safe or comfortable as they once thought. As we head into winter, the need for weatherization and repairs seems to be growing while incomes remain stagnant and more and more Vermonters fall into poverty. A We Care 2 Donation would be used to purchase building materials and supplies needed to complete these types of projects for low-income Vermonters who would otherwise not have the resources, skills, or capability to hire someone or complete the project themselves. ReSOURCE will donate all labor and through each project, create the opportunity for trainees to work alongside our professional trainers and gain valuable skills for everyday life.

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