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VSECU Brings Shelter to Those in Need

Samaritan House

Location: Franklin County

Website: The Samaritan House

Donation/Sponsorship: $2,000.00

Numbers of Vermonters Impacted: 12

Date: June 6, 2016

Contributed by: VSECU

In June, VSECU granted $2,000 to the Samaritan House, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides emergency shelter, transitional housing, and collaborative support services to people without other options within Franklin-Grand Isle Counties. The donation was provided through VSECU’s VGives program. The Samaritan House will use the money to fund the acquisition of a three-bedroom transitional apartment in Swanton, which will enable them to increase the number of individuals and families who have access to, knowledge of, and benefits associated with their services.

Transportation to and from economic and social services in St. Albans is a major obstacle for lower income Vermonters in rural communities. By increasing their presence in Franklin County, Samaritan House will be able to serve more individuals and families in need, keep these families closer to their support base, and at the same time open up the bottleneck of services in St Albans.

Children will be with their friends, and going to school will be less stressful. The stress of homelessness can be reduced by keeping families closer to friends and family. Currently 1/3 of current clients come from areas north of St Albans, and are only in St. Albans because that is the only location for shelter and transitional housing service in all of Franklin County.

“The Samaritan House, Inc. is excited and grateful for the generous donation of $2,000 made by VSECU to expand our transitional housing into Swanton, Vermont,” says Samaritan House’s executive director Joe Le Clair. “This donation will help us to provide valuable housing and case management services to families and individuals who may not be able to access our services in St Albans. This donation allows us to increase our geographic presence in Franklin County with the goal of helping more people who need our help.”

Image: the interior of Samaritan House’s transitional apartment

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