Social Media Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Social media laptop medium

1. Seeing your “liked” pages’ content on Facebook

When you “like” a company page on Facebook you’ll begin to see their posts in your newsfeed. Those posts however will gradually disappear over time if you don’t interact with them. There are two ways to insure you see the content from your favorite pages. You can either like or comment on as many posts as you see, showing your continued interest in their information, or visit their page on Facebook and click on the “liked” box again to display a drop down menu. From that menu select “show in news feed” to be sure their posts will show in your feed. Make sure you do this for the VSECU Facebook page so you get your credit union’s posts!

2. Using #hashtags on Twitter

Hash tags allow twitter users with common interests to link together. For example if you wanted to see tweets about things happening in your neighborhood you could search for #yourtownname. You’ll want to do a little research before using a hash tag to make sure you’re using one widely adopted. For example, Montpelier, Vermont uses the hash tag #montp to save characters rather than the entire town name. Searching for items of interest with hash tags can be a great way to find people or companies to follow that share your passions.

3. Get Notifications

Taking the time to set up notifications can be very beneficial in your social endeavor. When your friends or family tag you in Facebook posts or mention you on Twitter you can elect to be notified on your phone via push notifications, by an e-mail or both. Using notifications keeps you in touch and insures you’ll see the information your friends and family are trying to show you.

4. Tag Others in Posts

If you are sharing something on social media that you would like specific people to see. be sure you tag them. You can tag photos or write their name in a post on Facebook. When using Twitter the @ symbol followed by a user name will tag the individual in your tweet. Likewise, if you would like to tag a business in a Facebook post use the @ symbol followed by the company’s Facebook page name.

5. Share Often and with Caution

Social media is all about sharing, however sharing too much or not the right kinds of information can be problematic. Never share any private or sensitive information about yourself or others such as personal topics or account numbers. Sharing pictures of your lunch or updating people about the laundry you just folded could result in your friends “unfollowing” you on Twitter and unfriending or hiding your posts on Facebook (you can be friends with someone but hide all their posts from your newsfeed if you want to). However if you don’t share engaging content often enough your posts become so scarce in newsfeeds that people really aren’t connecting with you, which is why you got involved in the first place. Setting up lists can help you ease some of the anxiety about when and what to share on Facebook. Putting family in one group and members from your pick-up league sports team in another can help you regulate who sees your nephew’s baby pictures and who sees your recommendation for team uniform shirts.